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3411 Route 9

Freehold, New Jersey

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Glass repair

Turn your car's impurity into a quick fix

Sometimes a game ball shatters your windows at your local baseball or softball game, a rock chips your windshield when you're following closely behind a semi, or a hailstorm leaves your car's hood beaten and battered. Don't fret for a second. Freehold Auto Body turns your temporary blemishes into permanent resolutions in a hurry!

Make your ride look as good as new

•  Dent repairs

•  Power windows

•  Rock chip repairs

•  Back glass replacement  

•  Quarter glass replacement  

•  Side door glass replacement

•  Front and back windshield replacement

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Keep your original finish, you'll save money. The average repair at our shop is less than $100 depending on the size and severity of your dent.

Serving you to regain your vehicle's off the lot charm!

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Our dent and glass repair specialists strive to provide you with the safest measures possible, granting you the comfort you deserve. If an unexpected problem arises, let us seal the deal and be your perfect fit!