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3411 Route 9

Freehold, New Jersey

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Taking you where you want!

Get a lift from our 24/7 towing service

With us, you never have to feel stranded. Even if you have an emergency and can't drive your car into our shop, we will pick you and your car up to make the necessary fixes as soon as we can. Freehold Auto Body is all about 100% convenience for you, any hour of the day or night.

Your traveling made easier

•  Call us and provide your phone number and  exact location

•  Wait momentarily for our truck to arrive

•  Receive a call from our driver to you

•  Arrive at the shop with your car

•  Get a ride wherever you desire

Rely on us for assistance

Pickup and delivery

Not only will we pick you up, we'll also take you to where you need to go. You never have to feel like you're without wheels or are dependent on somebody else to get you around.

You don't have to waste time worrying on the side of any unfamiliar road.

Your safety and happiness matter most to us!

In the event that your car has major fixes that need to be made, you can arrange a ride to and from our body shop in addition to ensuring that your vehicle is once again ready and well equipped to hit the road.